Veronica Cool: How can businesses help?

The city burned. The fire is banked, yet it simmers. I choose to focus on this created energy to rebuild, restore and flourish. I want a movement -- an Economic Movement. On Tuesday, April 28, I was in downtown Baltimore, intentionally. I saw prayer circles, peaceful protest, a city seeking to restore and rebuild. Neighbor helping neighbor, including our neighbors throughout out the state. businesses calling in, “How can I help?” Yes, a lot of cleanup is occurring, but we need to incorporate changes that will provide long-term improvement and economic sustainability, to reduce the 29 percent unemployment rate in some of these neighborhoods. To lift folks out of poverty -- not a handout, but a hand UP. We need to disrupt the inherent social issues that are the cause of this situation. We must be invested and committed, sustainably, long-term. No fireworks, no flash support that diminishes within months.

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