Board of Estimates to consider $50K for police training programs

The city’s spending panel is scheduled to consider Wednesday a $50,000 consultant agreement with the Baltimore law firm Warnken LLC to conduct three training programs with police.

The contract would run through the end of June. The law firm would lead programs titled “Cars, Cops & Stops,” “Seeking, Obtaining and Executing Arrest Warrants and Search Warrants” and “Preparing for and Presenting Police Testimony in Court,” according to the Board of Estimates’ agenda.

Warnken LLC was selected by the Office of the State’s Attorney to conduct the programs, according to the agenda. Rochelle Ritchie, a spokeswoman for the office, said the training had been in the works for several months and is not in direct response to the Freddie Gray case.

“This was a collaborative effort between the state’s attorney’s office and the Baltimore Police Department to improve case outcomes and was funded through a grant from the Department of Justice,” Ritchie said in an emailed statement.

Byron L. Warnken, a founding member of the firm, is a longtime criminal law professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law who wrote a treatise on criminal procedure.

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