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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announces an end to a state of emergency in Baltimore during a news conference Wednesday in Baltimore. Hogan issued the state of emergency last week in response to rioting that happened April 27 after the death of Freddie Gray. Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford is standing to the left, and Keiffer Mitchell, who will be a liaison for the governor’s office to Baltimore, is standing to the right. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

Hogan ends state of emergency in Baltimore

Gov. Larry Hogan today ended the state of emergency declared on April 27 for Baltimore and said his administration would tap $20 million from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to pay for state operations during the civil unrest of last week.

“Last week, Maryland citizens and the entire nation watched as Baltimore was consumed by violence and tragedy,” said Hogan. “The effort to restore calm and order to Baltimore was incredible and I cannot thank the community leaders, first responders, and all the men and women in uniform enough for they work they did to make it happen. Today we are pleased to announce that the city and its residents can begin to heal and rebuild in a peaceful and safe environment.”

Some 3,000 Maryland State National Guard and 1,000 law enforcement officers from around the state and country, including the Maryland State Police, were dispatched to Baltimore to assist the local police department during the week of protests, which included a night of rioting and looting on April 27.

The cost of state assistance has yet to be calculated, Hogan said, adding that $20 million from the Rainy Day Fund would be used to cover part of the expense.