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O’s homestand means crackdown on MTA fare evaders

The Maryland Transit Administration will be cracking down on fare evaders on the Light Rail system, beginning June 8 for the Orioles’ homestand against the  Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

MTA police, fare inspectors and transit ambassadors will be out in force on the Light Rail starting from the Hunt Valley Station beginning the afternoon of June 9, when they will have a beefed-up presence at the Camden Yard station, officials said in a news release.

In 2014 the MTA conducted about 1.9 million Light Rail fare inspections. And while the MTA’s evasion rate is only about half of the national average for light rail (2.2 percent vs. 4 to 6 percent), this will be a concentrated effort to ensure customers understand how to pay for fares and are using fares in the correct manner, officials said.

Last year MTA police issued over 2,400 citations for fare evasion.

In addition to enforcement efforts, the MTA will have transit ambassadors on the system to help people who don’t normally ride the Light Rail understand how to pay for fares.

The MTA asks customers to ensure that when riding Light Rail, the correct amount is paid for the ticket and that riders have proof of payment to exhibit upon request by MTA fare inspectors as required.