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Great Scott! Md. cybersecurity firm to seek space/time flaws



A Baltimore cybersecurity company will be looking for software vulnerabilities involving space and time for the U.S. Department of Defense.

CyberPoint International announced Tuesday that it had been awarded a research contract worth more than $6 million over four years to help find such security flaws in software that could be used by the federal government and military.

CyberPoint Labs, CyberPoint’s dedicated research and development team, will write algorithms that have subtle, intentional flaws to test tools created by other teams.

“We are as always excited to be working with DARPA,” said CyberPoint Chief Scientist, Mark Raugas, in a prepared statement announcing the contract award. “Solving the complex security problems surrounding modern software requires first advancing our basic understanding of mathematics. DARPA’s giving the cyber security community a chance to do exactly that.”