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Jay Turakhia

Jay Turakhia

Jay Turakhia

Business Banker

PNC Bank

Small business is the driver of our economy. That’s the mentality Jay Turakhia has as he works with business owners to help them create new jobs, expand their operations and use their bank as a partner to grow.

The 25- year-old has risen to be not only a top revenue producer for PNC Bank in Maryland, but throughout the entire bank.

“What’s most important to me is my clients. They aren’t billionaire CEOs or Silicon Valley start-ups. They are real people, putting blood, sweat and tears into building their own companies in Maryland.”

Turakhia spends his days meeting with clients to discuss deposit structures, lending needs, liquidity management and his favorite — leveraging technology.

“Technology integration is changing the banking industry now more than ever before,” he said. “What drives me is what the industry will look like in 2020; and what we are doing now to set ourselves up to win in the future.”

Despite financial regulations changing, competition increasing, and a saturated industry — Turakhia only sees opportunity.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be in banking,” he said. “The ability to make a positive impact on a local level will never get old.”