In theft case, religion comes to the courthouse

We turn now in the book of Montgomery County civil litigation to chapter 398741.

There was a church called Faith Community Baptist Church in Silver Spring. And the church was overseen by a Board of Trustees. And on this board of trustees sat Ron LORD, who served as treasurer for the church from February 2004 to April 2010.

Sayeth the church: “LORD, you owe us and our parishioners a fiduciary duty to act honestly and in the best interests of the Church and its parishioners.”

And it was good for some time. But the church then claimed LORD breached his duties by stealing $75,000 for his personal use. Thus, in October 2010, the parties entered an agreement whereby LORD would repay that which he tooketh.

And it was good for some time. But LORD soon failed to make payments as it was written in their agreement. Then LORD announced he was lacking any money and filed federal paperwork declaring so in August 2013.

Creditors gathered from near and far one month later, where LORD admitted under oath he had misappropriated funds. And the church filed a complaint for non-dischargeability so that it could get the funds paid unto it.

Thus the church and LORD entered into a second agreement, this time with a payment plan. But LORD again stopped making payments, and he still owed the church nearly $53,000.

And so the church filed a lawsuit against LORD in the Circuit Court of Montgomery County in December, seeking the remaining money.

Then, last month, the parties appeared before the judge. And the judge said, “Church, I will grant your motion for partial summary judgment on constructive fraud.”

And the judge said to LORD, “I have taken notice of your paying $1,500. So I shall enter a judgment for the balance of what thou owes the church.”

Then, as May turned to June, the parties entered a joint motion for dismissal.

Thus ends the case of church and LORD.

And let us say, “Case dismissed.”

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