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Hopkins Tweet throws shade…at Hopkins

Like a feeding frenzy in which the sharks start biting each other, a Tweet from the official account of Johns Hopkins University prompted groans and mockery Friday…including from another Hopkins Twitter feed.

It all went down something like this: a message from @JohnsHopkins encouraged visitors to Artscape 2015 to come to the university’s stage this weekend to hear “fleek bands and sick DJ beatz,” two things with which the author of this post is admittedly unfamiliar.

The apparently tongue-in-cheek attempt to sound young, hip and with-it was met with eye-rolling scorn from (a few) members of the Twitterverse, including the university’s own Bloomberg School of Public Health:


More shade was thrown by a well-known Baltimore figure:

As well as these folks:

And @JohnsHopkins was forced to go on the (mildly) defensive:

But the initial salvo was not without its defenders:



The ruckus seemed to have died down about an hour later, but The Daily Record will be closely monitoring the situation for further developments.

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  1. The Daily Record seems to have Johns Hopkins in its sights . Baltimore is famous as a high end learning center from having Johns Hopkins University here and the Johns Hopkins hospital is world renowned .. It is hard to compete with excellence