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Criminal procedure — Motion to suppress evidence — Apartment search

Appellant, Jamar Brooks, appeals the denial of his motion to suppress evidence by the Circuit Court for Harford County. In April 2013, the Aberdeen Police Department (“Department”) received a tip from a confidential informant that Brooks was se lling cocaine from 41 Pri t chard Avenue, Apartment 2B, Aberdeen, Maryland. The Department set up a controlled buy using the informant and, after a sale by Brooks at the apartment , applied for a warrant to search the apartment. Based on the evidence collected from the search warrant, the State indicted Brooks for, inter alia , possession with intent to distribute.

Brooks filed a motion to suppress the evidence derived from the search warrant. On Sept. 18, 2013, the circuit court denied Brooks’s motion. Eventually, Brooks tendered a plea of not guilty and proceeded on an agreed upon statement of facts, upon which the court convicted Brooks for possession with intent to distribute.

Brooks timely appealed and presents one question for our review: Did the court err in denying [Brooks]’s motion to suppress evidence?

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