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Chantal M. Joseph, Esq.

Chantal M. Joseph, Esq.

Chantal M. Joseph, Esq.


Law Office of Chantal M. Joseph, LLC

Chantal M. Joseph, Esq., is a driving force in the criminal defense, immigration, and family law fields in Maryland.

Joseph, 36, worked for about a decade in the Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore City. In 2014, she started a new career as a solo practitioner, opening her own firm, the Law Office of Chantal M. Joseph LLC.

She says entering private practice has been her most significant professional accomplishment to date.

“As the first attorney in my family, to have my own practice means the world not only to me but also my family,” Joseph said.

She also is proud of her pro bono work through Catholic Charities of America.

“As an attorney with an undeniable love for the underprivileged, I decided to volunteer with Catholic Charities and help those who cannot afford to pay for counsel realize the American Dream,” Joseph said.