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Criminal procedure — Illegal sentence — Maryland Sentencing Guidelines

This appeal arises from the Circuit Court for Wicomico County’s denial of a motion to correct an illegal sentence filed by appellant, Dallas Brante Davis. There is some confusion regarding from what case this appeal stems, as Davis was involved in a series of criminal cases: K05-0787 and K05-0788 in 2005, and K13-0194 and K13-0713 in 2013.

After reviewing the records of these cases, we are able to ascertain that this appeal arises solely out of criminal case K13-0194, in which Davis entered a guilty plea to the charge of first-degree assault and received a sentence of twenty-five years in jail, suspending all but a maximum of eight years, and five years of probation.

We have consolidated Davis’s nine questions presented, 2 all of which essentially involve the same issue, into a single question:

Whether the circuit court properly denied Davis’s motion to correct an illegal sentence.

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