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Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen

Chief Operations Officer

Mindgrub Technologies

As chief operations officer at Mindgrub Technologies, Dan Cohen is focused on business development and sales.

Outside of client communications, Cohen, 33, also oversees the information technology team and helps guide internal marketing strategies. He also serves as the firm’s business architect – designing a sturdy foundation for growth.

With a strong background in operations, Cohen continues to build a solid infrastructure by defining roles, streamlining communication channels and identifying opportunities for success.

“Since the growth and success of the company is a direct reflection of how I’m doing my job, I love to see the company be successful and be rewarded for the hard work we are all doing,” he said.

Cohen also has been a member of the Tech Board of The Associated and worked with the ADA of Maryland community as a young leader bringing awareness and raising funds to support ADA’s mission of diabetes awareness.