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Genevieve de Mahy

Genevieve de Mahy

Genevieve de Mahy

Artistic Director

Single Carrot Theatre

Genevieve de Mahy moved to Baltimore in 2007 as a founding member of Single Carrot Theatre. She is a talented interdisciplinary theater artist, primarily focused on directing, performing and writing.

Her background in international development operations has largely informed her work as an artist and leader. She has worked on programs in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Morocco and Tunisia.

When de Mahy, who now serves as Single Carrot’s artistic director, first arrived in Baltimore, there were few ensemble theater companies. Since Single Carrot’s founding, there have been dozens of small theater companies that have opened their doors.

Single Carrot now is the fourth largest theater company in Baltimore.

“We were pioneers in that movement that has invaluably enriched the Baltimore cultural scene,” she said.