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Misti Aaronson

Misti Aaronson

Misti Aaronson



Misti Aaronson has had a significant impact on more than 300 companies in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area and has found jobs for more than 250 candidates through her work at entreQuest.

Aaronson, 34, has been with the Baltimore-based firm for more than a decade, and was named chief operating officer last year.

She says her most significant professional accomplishment was making partner at the firm by the time she was 30.

entreQuest’s mission is to help organizations grow, regardless of their size, industry, or economy. The firm focuses primarily on talent acquisition, talent management, organizational development, and strategic business advisory services.

At entreQuest, Aaronson has helped develop and implement Impact Days with clients through initiatives that benefit the community through financial impact or volunteer work.

She is a 2012 graduate of the Greater Baltimore Committee’s LEADERship Program, and is an accomplished yoga instructor. Her passions include health and wellness, helping others achieve their personal best, and spending time with her family and friends.