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Rachel Hirsch

Senior Associate

Ifrah PLLCe

Rachel Hirsch is a civil litigation and white collar criminal defense attorney at Ifrah PLLC.

A senior associate at the law firm, Hirsch, 31, primarily works in the online advertising and Internet Gaming spaces.

Having developed her professional career alongside these growing industries, she understands her clients’ needs like few others. She speaks their language, deeply understands their businesses and is familiar with the legal challenges they may encounter. Since navigating the complex regulatory and legal issues of affiliate advertisers and Internet Gaming platforms is second nature to Rachel, she knows what it takes to resolve business interruptions and get their internet-based business clients back up and running.

“Within the span of four to five years, I was able to establish a name for myself as an expert in online marketing-related issues in what is otherwise a male-dominated field,” she said.

Hirsch also is a member of the board of the Maryland Defense Counsel, where she serves as program co-chair.