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Rudy Ruiz II

Executive Director, Secondary Education Services

Baltimore City Public Schools

Since moving to Baltimore one year ago and joining Baltimore City Public Schools as its leader for college and career readiness, Rudy Ruiz II has consistently strived to improve the lives of the city’s students.

Ruiz, 37, was one of only two staff members that Baltimore City Schools CEO Dr. Gregory Thornton brought with him from Milwaukee. Ruiz began as a teacher in the Milwaukee public school system and worked his way up to become the director of college and career readiness for that city’s public school system.

“I support the youth of Baltimore in making a successful transition to adulthood, helping break generational cycles of poverty,” he said.

Ruiz also remains active in the community. He is a member of the GBC LEADERship class of 2015 and serves on the board of the Middle Grades Partnership in Baltimore. He also is pursuing his doctorate in education at the Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Education.