Scott Warner MacMullan

Scott Warner MacMullan

Scott Warner MacMullan

Managing Member

Scott MacMullan Law, LLC

Scott Warner MacMullan is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney.

He started his own solo practice in 2012 and now is managing member of Scott MacMullan Law LLC.

He has developed a reputation as a successful attorney who also helps young lawyers when they are first starting out.

He recently was a member of the Maryland State Bar Association Special Committee on Law Graduates, which developed an incubator to help young lawyers. MacMullan also is frequently contacted by young attorneys seeking advice about starting their own practices.

MacMullan, 34, also is active in giving back to the community.

He is involved in public service projects through the Maryland State Bar Association, participates in Homeless Resource Day and is a member of the American Bar Association Commission for Homelessness and Poverty.

He recently was on the Anne Arundel County “Great Give” Planning Committee, which helped raise more than $900,000 for 186 nonprofit organizations.