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Zenita Wickham Hurley

Chief Counsel for Civil Rights and Legislative Affairs

Maryland Attorney General’s Office

For more than a decade, Zenita Wickham Hurley has dedicated her career to public service and the development of policies that ensure fair and equal treatment for all Marylanders, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

Hurley now serves as chief counsel for civil rights and legislative affairs in the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.

Previously, she served for three years as special secretary of the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs. There she led negotiations to secure broad stakeholder support for transitioning nonprofit organizations out of the state’s Minority Business Enterprise, which focused the program’s resources on addressing historical and continuing racial and gender discrimination against minority and women-owned businesses. Hurley also led the State’s efforts to extend MBE credit to minority businesses working as prime contractors in state procurement.

In her current role, during the 2015 legislative session, Hurley played a key role in securing the passage of the False Claims Act, enhancing access to public information and expanding consumer protections.