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Gov. Larry Hogan. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

Hogan responds to ‘nasty’ columnist

Gov. Larry Hogan Monday responded to a columnist who branded the Republican as “Mr. Nasty.”

In a post on Facebook, the governor took issue with a Monday morning column by Barry Rascovar in which the political columnist wrote that “Mr. Nice Guy has morphed into Mr. Nasty.”

Rascovar questioned Hogan’s ability to work with Democrats and noted that the governor made a decision last week to close down the Baltimore City Detention Center without consulting legislative leaders or lawmakers from Baltimore.

Rascovar went on to ponder the reasons behind what he sees as a personality change, including spending too much time with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Hogan’s chemotherapy treatment and related new bald look or that it’s pandering to his conservative base.

“Whatever the reason, Hogan has taken a turn down a dark alley. It may lead to a promising political future, but from a governing standpoint it could lead to disaster,” Rascovar wrote.

In his response, Hogan never mentioned Rascovar by name.

“A ‘columnist’ called me nasty and mean for not giving Democratic legislators prior notice of our plan to close the Baltimore City Detention Center. He even blamed it on my cancer, saying maybe the bald head and chemo was making me mean,” Hogan wrote on his Facebook page. “Actually for safety reasons we could not leak this plan in advance to the gang leaders and criminals running the jail. But, we did give notice early that day to legislative leaders in advance. In spite of 10 days of 24 hour chemo I haven’t become mean and nasty, I’m still the same nice guy I have always been, and we are still accomplishing great things for Maryland.”


  1. Really? Is it nasty to close a nasty jail? Is it nasty to take action against a so-called jail that is run by criminals? What a nasty thing to say!

  2. It’s not pandering to his base – I’m an independent, husband democrat – both voted for Hogan because we are sick of the way MDs been run forever! We are thrilled with what Hogan has already accomplished. I wouldn’t consult those do nothing politicians either. He wants to get things done and make MD great again!

  3. If doing what the voters of this great State of MD elected the Honorable Gov. Hogan to do, if working tirelessly through cancer and it’s dreadful treatments, doing his best and more to protect the citizens all across this State is considered mean and/or nasty, if correcting ill spent money and correcting corruptness is mean and nasty then you go Gov., get meaner, get nastier. This State voted because it was tired of how it was being handled these last year’s. The People voted for you and you are doing a fantastic job so far! Godspeed!

  4. I wouldn’t go quite so far as nasty, but Mr. Hogan has seemed unnecessarily confrontational and dismissive of other politicians, who at some point he may need in his corner. My dear mother had many sayings, but one that seems on point was “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

  5. The article was certainly needlessly offensive and over the top, but: (1) the way in which BCDC was “closed” without notification to Baltimore City officials was strange (although it’s State run, it’s still a Baltimore City jail); and (2) the person that ultimately runs the jail is the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (appointed by Governor Hogan). I get the allusion to the recent gang problems, but the language of “the criminals running the jail” is still really strange.

  6. Excellent response from the best MD governor I have known. I just love this guy. After 2 terms of Omalley and the Bush Miller monopoly, this guy is a breath of fresh air.

  7. StayStrong#Hogan

    @Golfnut: Perhaps that is what is needed to serve up to some of the “Democrats”. A shot or two of vinegar! Then perhaps some Old Bay on top 🙂
    @MDLawyer: Perhaps you missed the article that a wiretap revealed a prison inmate stating that this was “his prison” (or something close to this). Perhaps if you were to google to locate some of the articles when there was an investigation and the behavior within the prison walls, you would understand who was actually in control of the prison (drugs, impregnating prison guard(s). Totally corrupt and the former administration turned their cheeks.

    As for the Hogan administration, I applaud them and their efforts to start eradicating corruption and the fiscal mismanagement, waste and abuse of tax payers money. It will take time to rebuild our great state, but IN HOGAN WE TRUST!

  8. Are you kidding, Mr Golfnut? Do you realize that Mr Hogan has to fight a dimocrat legislature to get anything done. You certainly do not want him to be a wimp like Boehner or McConnell, who are both RINOs. ONe must be strong and courageous to fight the dims and get anything done. That is how Larry Hogan is succeeding. And, Mr Lawyer, I would figure you are not a liitigating attorney or you would know that in many jails, the inmates run it. It is my understanding this was the case in Baltimore. What’s the matter? Are you afraid of losing clients when the inmates are moved?

  9. There has been talk of closing this prison for 10 years (well within the years of O’Malley and others)… Why is it suddenly considered nasty? No one lost their jobs, all have beds elsewhere.. who was inconvenienced? Lawyers who now have to travel a bit farther to see their clients. Bleech

  10. Hogan reminds me a bit like Trump. Not afraid of the Democrats, Republicans or Independents, and does what is good for the people. The way the Government is suppose to work.

  11. Maybe the offended journalists and politicians should remove their heads from you know where and look around. We finally get a governor interested in governing and making our state and it’s largest city a better place and you are whining that you weren’t notified! Maybe we should ask why all of you didn’t work to do this along time ago!
    People are generally fed up with our current politicians, from Washington to the local scene.
    The sooner you all open your eyes and start using the common sense you were born with we all may have a chance. Inmates running the asylum, and all you can say is Gov. Hogan is mean! WAKE UP and help get this place straightened out. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

  12. be careful Mr. Hogan. They ran Tom DiBiagio out of town on a rail for ferreting out corruption and jailing carpetbaggers like Ed Norris. I wish you well, but watch your back. Here’s another old saying; “no good deed goes unpunished”, the irony or which you are now, I’m sure, realizing. Lymphoma killed my mother and I watched her wither and die within 7 months of being diagnosed, while chemo whittled away at her until she was a faint shadow of herself. I wonder what Mr. Rascovar’s temperament would be like if he had to undergo the terrifying news that he has advanced cancer, deal with the heartbreak and devastation it is surely bringing to him and his family, and undergo intense chemotherapy, while doing one of the most stressful jobs one can imagine, with all eyes upon you and a spiteful media to second guess your every move. I’m sure Mr. Rascovar would be Mr. Sunshine and Roses under those conditions. What a fool! He’s the kind of ivory tower idealist “blowing hot air” that Gov. Christie rightfully put in his proper place Thursday night. Mr. Hogan’s response was dignified, right on point and exposed the inaccuracy of Mr. Rascovar’s reporting. This is why we elected Governor Hogan, to lead with confidence and integrity.

  13. Go Governor!
    Clean up this state please!