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Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency Director Gordon Medenica (File The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Lottery eyes new game with lifetime jackpot

Lottery players could soon have a new game with a lifetime payout, according to the head of the state Lottery and Gaming Control Agency.

State Lottery Director Gordon Medenica said Monday that the agency is considering joining one of two multi-state consortium games that would pay winners a top prize of $1,000 per day for life.

Medenica said the prizes would not be time limited like its instant lottery game where “for life” season tickets for the Baltimore Ravens is limited to 20 years.

“This really is for life,” Medenica said.

The agency Monday announced that it had topped more than $1 billion in revenue from lottery sales and casino gaming—money that goes to the state budget.

Still the agency is looking for growth areas and to increase interest in games with multi-million prizes.

Medenica said the two games — Cash 4 Life and Lucky for Life — might fit that bill.

In New York last year, one 51-year old retired police officer became the first in the state to take home the top price of $227,410 per year after taxes. If she reaches the average life expectancy for a woman in the United States, her total price would be just under $8 million.

Medenica said the agency has not decided which game to offer but said he hopes it will be available for players by next year.