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Work hard. Relax. Recharge. Repeat.

My little Superman

My little Superman

It’s good to be back to Generation J.D. after taking some time off from blogging. This month started off with a bang for me, as I was preparing for a three-day jury trial in Anne Arundel County. Although I am a litigator by trade, I find that, in my practice, many of my cases often settle before going to trial or otherwise conclude via dispositive motions. This time around, though, the parties were not able to resolve their dispute, so off to trial we went.

My firm represented three of four defendants in a wage payment and collection law case. I have the great fortune of being somewhat of a “utility” litigator, which means I get to work on complex litigation matters with several departments within my law firm. I not only get to gain experience in different areas of law, but I pick up practice tips from some great attorneys in the process. Employment law is fascinating to me, and I worked hand-in-hand on this case with the head of my firm’s employment law practice.

The days and weeks leading up to the trial involved a ton of work for us. I’m not going to lie — there were some long nights and a weekend at the office. This was also my first jury trial since attending a one-week trial advocacy course, which proved to be incredibly useful before and during the trial.

In the end, the hard work and preparation was worth it. Our worthy adversary (who was also extremely courteous throughout the entire process) put on a tough case but we were able to prevail. On several counts against our clients, the judge granted our motions for judgment, and on the remaining counts, the jury entered a verdict in our clients’ favor. It was an exhilarating experience and our clients were ecstatic.

To make things even better, the trial ended two days before my vacation started at the beach. After weeks of hard work, I was off to Ocean City with my wife and son for some much needed rest and relaxation. I watched as my son learned how to swim and became fearless in the water (as evidenced by the picture above of him turning an evening stroll into an unexpected swim!).

The week gave me precious time with my family as well as time to reflect on my year thus far and my goals moving forward. It also served as a reminder that, although it is important to work hard, it is almost equally important to set aside time occasionally to step away from your work and gain some perspective. You get quality time with your loved ones, but you also have some distance from the daily grind to reflect on your life and work.

When you are constantly operating at full speed, sometimes it is difficult to see how good you have it (or, for some, that changes need to be made). Although I miss the beach, I returned to the office recharged and grateful—for having a great job and a wonderful family.


  1. You are the utility guy at your firm because you are a popular guy to work with and an extremely skilled litigator. A well-deserved vacation with a great family. Congrats, Tucker.

  2. Wage Payment and Collection cases are a hot area so it’s fantastic you got to try a case involving those issues.