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Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford (File The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Rutherford imposes “no recording” rule on press

Reporters invited to meet with Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford are doing so under an unusual stipulation — they will not be allowed to audio- or video-record the meeting, nor take photographs.

The highly unusual stipulation, which includes the selected members of the television and radio press, was made in advance of an offer to meet with Rutherford on Tuesday morning to discuss a topic which Gov. Larry Hogan has made a key point off his young administration.

Erin Montgomery, a spokeswoman for the lieutenant governor, called the meeting “a pen-and-pad sit-down roundtable discussion” with Rutherford.

“No recording devices allowed–only pen and paper,” Montgomery wrote in the email invite.

Because of an embargo agreement, the media including The Daily Record is barred from disclosing the topic.

Rutherford is expected to meet with the press 11 a.m. Tuesday. All statements made at the meeting are on the record and can be used by reporters once the agreed-upon embargo has passed.

This is the first time such a stipulation has been imposed, according to an informal discussion with members of the State House press corps. The edict is contradictory to Hogan’s call for more openness and transparency in government.

When asked to justify the highly unusual rule, Montgomery explained in an email that the event “is a briefing not a press conference.”

Montgomery did not respond to a request for her to explain the difference.



  1. In today’s world where so many elected officials are purchased more often than voted for, I look for some assemblence of transparency that counters the stigma that our political leaders are bought an paid for. What is the Lt. Governor afraid of that no recording devices can be used at this meeting, and with NO explanation as to why? This is why political leaders continue to erode my trust in that THEY REPRESENT ME! Please don’t make TRANSPARENCY A JOKE. Because this kind of behavior not only erodes trust, but reflects cowardice. Thank You

  2. Martin O’Malley did the same thing. Nothing was said so why is it a issue now?

  3. WTH?! Does he stutter?…

  4. So, for one event, there was a rule? Would you rather he cancel it or only invite selected journalists? I mean, that’s the alternative right?

    I think you’re a fair reporter, despite what others may say, but this one sounds silly to me.