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Wicomico County medical marijuana facility proposed

HEBRON — A company is hoping that its plan to build a medical marijuana growing facility in Wicomico County is one of 15 applications approved by the state of Maryland.

WBOC-TV reports that BioCannatix says it is in the process of applying for a grower’s license to build a facility near Hebron.

BioCannatix says the proposed medical marijuana facility would cost between $5 and $8 million and would yield between 40 and 50 jobs.

Wicomico County Executive, Bob Culver, says he is neither for nor against the potential facility. He says he knows of at least 6 groups vying for the license in Wicomico County alone.

A state commission formed to approve medical marijuana licenses will choose 15 licensees by January 2016. Each group will have until July 2017 to complete construction.