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Mikulski emails to Clinton part of State Department document dump

Sen. Barbara Mikulski was planning on running for re-election and actively raising money including a fundraiser feature former President Bill Clinton and worried her efforts forced Republican former Gov. Robert Ehrlich to ditch a senate campaign to challenge Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Such are the contents of more than a dozen or so emails sent by Mikulski from her Senate email account to a private email account used by Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state. The emails were part of a U.S. State Department release of about 7,000 messages to the private email server as part of a Freedom of Information request.

The emails, sent by Mikulski from her government Blackberry contain numerous typographical errors and over use of periods.

Besides a peek behind the curtain at the relationship between Mikulski and Clinton, the emails also highlight inconsistencies in the details that were released or withheld. In some cases portions of messages that were redacted in one set of messages were fully released in others.

“Thanks for lending Bill”

Before she announced her retirement earlier this year, the longest serving female senator told Clinton that she was gearing up for a run for a

In this photo from March of 2007, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, right, reacts as former President Bill Clinton speaks.

In this photo from March of 2007, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, right, reacts as former President Bill Clinton speaks.

sixth term and was looking to raise money.

  • “Yes, up for re-elect. I’m going to go again. Like so many of this (sic) want to make this presidency and our country work again,” Mikulski emailed Clinton in February 2010.
  • The senator followed up in August 2010 saying that she had just received word that former President Bill Clinton would headline a fundraising event for her. “This is the $$$ and juice we need. Will thank him myself but if you see him first — give him a bug (sic) 4 me.”
  • In October, after the event, Mikulski dropped Hillary Clinton a note after the event held at the Bethesda home of Mark L. Joseph,  head of Veolia Transportation in North America, to let her know that Bill had made it rain for her campaign and  that the former president ‘is on his way home to u” and finished with “thanks 4lending. Bill 4 part of the eve.”

“Our friend Martin”

Mikulski also worried about how her campaign would ultimately affect others in Maryland.

In April 2010, Hillary emailed asking how “our friend Martin is doing?”

“I know he has a rematch when he should be reelected by acclamation for steering the ship of state so well,” Clinton writes.

But Mikulski replies that she is concerned her early campaign efforts have driven Ehrlich and his wife Kendel Ehrlich out of a possible run against her.

“Alas my gain has given omaaley (sic) his nemisis (sic),” Mikulski replies. “The erlichs (sic) r running 4 gov. Both husband/wife were looking @ senate. But. Dem. Md. Will be like NATO. An. Attack on one an attack on all.”


The emails also highlight the inconsistent redaction of information.

Clinton has been criticized for using a private email server and sending and receiving classified information. The Washington Post reported that as many as 188 emails have been deemed to contain some classified information.

A spokeswoman for Clinton’s presidential campaign pointed to inconsistencies in which some agencies deemed information classified and redacted it while other agencies did not classify the same information.

In a series of messages in Jun 2009, Mikulski writes to ask how Clinton is faring after she fell in her home and fractured her elbow.

“Oops,” Mikulski writes. “When I wanted you to trip the light fantastic. I didn’t mean that literally. Be careful. Do the therapy. Get well. Do you still want us to come. Monday.”

In another version of that email released by the State Department, all of Mikulski’s message including a portion of the subject line referencing the fall was redacted except for “Do you still want us to come. Monday.”

“Health care starting to sag”

In that same email thread, Mikulski expresses some frustration with the work being done on President Barack Obama’s plans expand health care.

The senate is slogging along health care is starting to sag. — some days it feels like we are doing the public option off back of envelope,” Mikulski writes.

What she knew and when

As it turns out, Clinton’s private email wasn’t so secret after all. Previous reports note that aides to President Barack Obama knew about the private server as far back as 2009.

That’s about the same time that Mikulski takes note, referencing email issues Clinton may have had.

“So good the old. E mail is working—great to connect,” Mikulski writes.

Happy to help

In that same Easter email, Mikulski also offers to lend a hand and help Clinton get her message out during a senate hearing.

“Hello and so proud of what you are doing—you are missed in the senate and by me,” Mikulski writes. “I will be @ your. Foreign. Ops. Hearing. Let me know any questions you want me to ask to help get your needs/message across.”

Clinton responds: “I will let you know about questions for my testimony closer to the date.”