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Some Ocean City legal “Seacrets” through the years


The aforementioned epic sunset.

The unofficial end of the summer has come and gone. Last, week I had the pleasure of having a hearing in Ocean City. The hearing went great. I love the scenery in Ocean City. The weather was amazing and the sunset was epic.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you I sneaked in a drink at Seacrets. I walked right into this Caribbean-themed resort wearing my suit, sat down at a tiki bar next to the water and took in what this one-of-a-kind establishment had to offer.

Established in 1988 as a “locals only” bar, Seacrets has grown exponentially and is now the largest bar in the state. The Maryland State Bar Association holds a happy hour there during its annual meeting. You can get married there. You can have your bachelor or bachelorette party there. You can even sleep there: the bar has a small hotel on-site just in case you just want to (or need to) take a load off.

With all that Seacrets has to offer, it’s perhaps not surprising that the bar has been connected to litigation over the years. Even in paradise, the possibility of legal action is not that far away.

Here are a few such cases:

  1. Benjamin and Erika Sifrit were convicted in 2003 of murdering a couple they were partying with at Seacrets the previous year. Erika Sifrit’s final appeal of her conviction was denied last year.
  2. A federal jury in 2013 found Seacrets was not liable for a 2008 rape that occurred in its parking lot. A women claimed that Seacrets security was negligent in not letting her back into the club because she was too drunk.
  3. In April 2012, Seacrets won a federal trademark case recently and received $50,000 in punitive damages from a chain of luxury resorts also trying to use the name “Seacrets.”
  4. Last month, Seacrets reached a settlement with a patron who tripped while doing the Irish jig on stage.


One comment

  1. Yeah. Seacrets is a happenin’ place. During the Annual Conference for the Maryland Association of Realtors, RE/MAX takes overr the bar for its annual bachanalia. I’ve only been once since I’m not a real partying type but it’s an impressive bar and seems to be an Ocean City landmark.

    I’m surprised it hasn’t run into more legal problems over the years considering the liability surrounding establishments that serve booze. Things like auto accidents, underage drinking and the rest.

    Can I sue for not being able to hear after I leave?