Turn off your mind and sleep better

Last year, my fellow blogger, Divya Potdar, wrote an article encouraging attorneys to take some time off to enjoy life and stop thinking about work. I think it is important to turn off your mind, not just to enjoy life, but also to enjoy sleep.

Because I own and manage my own law practice, my work can easily become my life. My mind is constantly thinking about the cases I need to prepare, the people I need to see, the tasks I need to accomplish, the calls I need to return, the emails I need to read and respond to and the deadlines I need to meet. I have to-do lists constantly scrolling through my mind.

And, sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night realizing I never turned off my mind. When I went to sleep, my mind was still racing at the same pace it does during the middle of the day.

Some people have difficulty falling asleep if they have a lot on their mind; I can fall asleep with my mind racing as soon as my eyes close because I am completely exhausted when my head hits the pillow. Unfortunately, if I don’t unwind and stop thinking about my to-do list, my racing mind can wake me up numerous times throughout the night.

To sleep better, I have learned that I need to turn off my mind before I go to bed. Sometimes reading a book for pleasure or watching mindless television before sleeping is a nice way to unwind.

In other words, if I do something other than work right before bed, I tend to sleep a lot better. And when I sleep better, I am more efficient, productive and have a generally more positive disposition.