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Making the leap into blogging

jeremy-rachlinMy name is Jeremy Rachlin and I am the newest addition to the Generation J.D. blogging family. The good news for me is that the first post is the easiest post. I just have to tell you a little bit about me and why I made the leap at the MSBA Annual Meeting to volunteer my services as a contributor to this blog.

I was born and raised in Montgomery County and I am a native Marylander. (Yes, Baltimore readers, you can be a native Marylander and root avidly for the Redskins and Nats.) I was blessed with seven years of in-state tuition, first at The University of Maryland, College Park, and later at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

It is not an overstatement to say that I ended up in law school very nearly by chance. I was first convinced I would be the next Tony Kornheiser, and enrolled in the journalism school at UMCP. After three semesters, I learned that “real world” journalism wasn’t like my high school paper, so I left for the safer confines of a psychology degree. Late in senior year, when I had the epiphany that I didn’t want to be an adolescent counseling psychologist, I decided that I would take a year off, work at R.J. Bentley’s and continue swim coaching, and then head to law school.

My approach was simple. I figured that maybe I would enjoy law school and get a useful degree out of it.  If I hated law school, I would drop out after a year and do something I was reasonably confident I would enjoy… become a high school history teacher and continue coaching swimming.

Fortunately, I had a great three years at UM Law, probably aided by the fact that I met a pretty cool girl at Pickles Pub the afternoon after we both finished our first-semester finals. She is now my wife of nearly eight years.

I graduated from law school, clerked for Montgomery County Circuit Judge John Debelius, and then joined the litigation practice group at Pasternak & Fidis P.C. in Bethesda. After five great years at P&F, I made a leap of faith to join a smaller, four-attorney firm, JDKatz P.C., also in Bethesda. I became a partner earlier this year and lead our litigation practice and try not go get in the way of our estate planning and tax practices. My practice generally involves estate and trust disputes, probate and civil, commercial, and real estate litigation.

So why join Generation J.D.? Part of it is I never got journalism totally out of my blood. I still feel a sense of excitement when I see anything in print with my name as the author or when I hear the “breaking news” sound effect on CNN (although in the modern journalism world, the standard for “breaking news” is a little lower).

Part of it is that I have read this blog since its infancy and always thought that maybe I could contribute my thoughts and experiences. And part of it is that, nine years out of law school, I feel like I actually do have some experiences and thoughts about our profession that may be helpful for both young lawyers and seasoned lawyers to consider and discuss, whether the dialogue is in the comments section or via e-mail.

So thank you for having me and I am happy to be here. Until next time, if you have any thoughts on blog posts that you’d like or ever want to comment to me directly about anything I have written, please reach out to me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to forward a link to this blog entry to my mom so that she can post about it on Facebook.