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Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

O’Malley reamed for being tardy

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley’s penchant for running late is no secret to reporters who spent time covering the man who is now running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

But his tardiness drew the ire of NPR’s Diane Rehm on her eponymous talk show when he failed to make it to her studio on time for a scheduled interview.  As a result of being behind schedule O’Malley had to call into the studio, and that did not sit well with Rehm as the show started.  The following is from a transcript posted on the show’s website:

  • REHM: Governor O’Malley, I must say I’m somewhat surprised that you could not make it here in time as you had promised to.

  • O’MALLEY: Well, Diane, you can’t believe every promise every politician makes.

  • REHM: I guess not.

  • O’MALLEY: I sincerely apologize. I am on Military Road right now and are following all of the applicable rules of the road, but we do not control the traffic accidents. I should have left even earlier.

  • REHM: Yeah, absolutely.

  • O’MALLEY: My sincere apologies.

  • REHM: Well, I am disappointed because, as you well know, it’s a national interview on NPR and I do expect guests to live up to their promises. Having said that, why enter a race when the odds are so stacked against you?

As O’Malley began to answer the question it becomes clear that Rehm is still steamed about now conducting the interview by phone. Video of the interview shows Rehm shaking her head in what appears to be disgust as O’Malley begins to address the question.

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