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Don’t forget those childhood dreams

danielle-williamsonRemember the dreams that you once had growing up that seemed so far off? Not the dreams of becoming a lawyer, doctor or engineer — although those were great. I’m talking about the other dreams that you had: the dreams of becoming a baseball player or dancer or the next Rembrandt. Those dreams.

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in our career or day-to-day tasks that we forget about the other dreams that we had when we were younger. So I’ve made it one of my goals to explore and fulfill many of the aspirations that I once had.

Growing up, I wanted to be and do everything. I wanted to be a teacher, ballerina, journalist and novelist. I also loved fitness videos and wanted to create my own. By the time I entered high school, however, I knew that law was my passion.

Still, I made it my mission to finally pursue my other interests once all of the studying and exams were over. I graduated from law school in 2011, took the Bar exam and began working as a civil litigator. (I’m now an associate with Blibaum & Associates, P.A. in Towson.) Since graduation, I became involved with a local fitness company and assisted them with marketing and choreography. I also started a program in Baltimore City Public Schools that introduces students to law and the law school application process. I also teach dance once a week at a local sports facility.

You don’t have to push your “other” dreams aside once marriage and children are introduced into the equation. This is an opportunity for you to become creative. If you are married, your quality time can be spent exploring your interests together as husband and wife. If you have children, you can volunteer for your child’s extracurricular activities or take a similar class and practice together.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you as a young lawyer and the tips that I have found helpful along the way. In the interim, I hope that you get out this month and explore those other interests that once made you beam with excitement as a child.