(Flickr/Javcon117*/"Frostburg State University Arch Entryway"/CC by 2.0/cropped and resized)
(Flickr/Javcon117*/"Frostburg State University Arch Entryway"/CC by 2.0/cropped and resized)

Frostburg sees record enrollment

Frostburg State University’s Fall 2015 enrollment is the highest in the institution’s 117-year history, with a total of 5,756 students.

That’s a 2 percent increase over the fall 2014 total. Undergraduate enrollment grew by 46 students, graduate enrollment grew by 60 students, and international student enrollment hit a record high of 116 students, according to the university.

Graduate student enrollment got a boost from the school’s new Master of Science in Computer Science program, which began offering an online option last year, and the fully-online Master of Science in Nursing program that launched in fall 2014, according to the university.

“I am pleased that Frostburg State University continues to grow in intelligent ways,” Interim President Thomas L. Bowling said in a statement.. “Our programs serve an increasingly broad range of potential students beyond the traditional pool of recent high school graduates. Increasingly, community college transfers, international students, veterans and military students and working professionals are finding that Frostburg provides them with the educational experience they need and desire.”

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