Courtroom selfie might pose problem for criminal-defense lawyer

Law students, insurance fraud, hostile takeover round out roundup



Welcome to Monday.

With one week to go before the Supreme Court opens its 2015-2016 term, we here at the law blog roundup recommend this collection of past oral arguments to get you in the mood. We especially recommend the chapter on United Auto Workers v. Johnson Controls Inc. Terps fans will appreciate the deep Big 10 connections, as the editors are or were professors at Northwestern University and the University of Minnesota and the book was published by University of Michigan Press (2009).

Here are some news items to get your week started.

— Attorney faces criticism after taking courtroom selfie with client after winning his acquittal in murder trial.

Boston University puts law students to work.

— California presses insurance-fraud case, alleges needless, botched surgeries.

— A financial defense may be better than a legal defense to potential takeover of BP.