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Brian M. White

Brian M. White

Brian M. White

Senior Vice President
LifeBridge Health

LifeBridge Health has launched Post-Acute Physicians Partners LLC, which is transforming the continuum of care model by enhancing the quality of care for patients after a hospital stay and reducing the number of hospital readmissions.

The organization provides “care continuity from the acute care hospital to the home with high quality medical supervision all along the way,” said Brian M. White, senior vice president of LifeBridge Health.

“The bottom line is to improve quality of care,” he said. “The secondary piece is that you will save money. It is more efficient. You are keeping residents and patients in the proper care setting and avoiding high cost readmissions and transfers.”

When the program first launched, readmissions were as high as 30 percent, he said. Now, they are in single digits, while residents’ satisfaction remains at about 93 percent.

“While PAPP leaders pay close attention to numbers and outcomes and patient satisfaction, at the end of the day, they know this bold new approach is really about helping people and improving their recoveries,” White said.