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Christopher Sachse

Christopher Sachse

Christopher Sachse

Horsetail Technologies

While on a flight to Arizona for business in 2014, Christopher Sachse had a terrifying thought. As a husband and father, if his flight went down, a lot of the information his family would need regarding finances, insurance and more was in his head.

So, he used the plane’s Wi-Fi to write an email to his wife with all of that information.

“I vowed that as soon as I landed I would figure out a way to protect them,” Sachse said.

That thought blossomed into Life Binder, a web and mobile application that recently completed the prototype phase and is moving into production.

The application helps individuals manage all of life’s documents, passwords, messages and more in a secure and readily accessible way.

“The goal was to solve a problem that I felt I had as a father, husband and business owner,” Sachse said. “I wanted to make sure those I cared about had access to the information that they needed when they needed it the most.”