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Dr. Chris D. Geddes

Dr. Chris D. Geddes

Dr. Chris D. Geddes

Professor/Director, The Institute of Fluorescence
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Dr. Chris D. Geddes observed his teenage daughter place a teaspoon in the kitchen microwave one day.

Naturally, he says, it sparked and arched.

“I asked a fundamental question, could metallic objects be used to focus microwaves in a microwave oven, and if so, would they heat materials much more efficiently,” Geddes said. “The answer was yes.”

Geddes, a professor and director of the Institute of Fluorescence at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, now has used that discovery as the basis for an innovation that will relieve the bottleneck of sample collection in a laboratory setting.

His Lyse-it technology is a significant breakthrough and solution to this age-old problem, which has the potential to impact significantly both diagnostic and research settings. Using his technology, a process that used to take a number of hours — increasing costs and causing a backlog — is reduced to minutes.

“The opportunities for this can’t be overstated,” he said.