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Dr. Seong W. Lee

Dr. Seong W. Lee

Dr. Seong W. Lee

Professor & Lab Director
Morgan State University

Dr. Seong W. Lee, professor and lab director at Morgan State University, has developed technology that can turn agricultural and animal waste into usable energy.

In Maryland and Delaware alone, he says, 42 million cubic feet of chicken waste is produced annually.

Lee says his CycloBurn Combustion System, which has been in development for 10 years, dramatically improves the efficiency of the combustion process while reducing capital and operating costs. The end result is that waste is turned into heat and electric power.

“The system is very efficient and environmentally friendly,” he said. “This technology development is believed to contribute to enhanced human life and reducing global warming phenomenon and excessive greenhouse gases.”

The CycloBurn system already has earned a Maryland Innovation Initiative Award.