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Dr. Tonja L. Ringgold

Dr. Tonja L. Ringgold

Dr. Tonja L. Ringgold

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Baltimore City Community College

In 2014, Baltimore City Community College was placed on warning status for its accreditation.

Dr. Tonja L. Ringgold, vice president for academic affairs for the college, says immediate action was necessary.

Enter the Accreditation Monitoring Council, which works to assure a sustainable process for the oversight of all matters that affect accreditation at the institution.

“The uniqueness of the AMC lies in its operation and the fact that it calls for complete transparency and teamwork from all facets of the college system,” Ringgold said. “At a time when the college’s accreditation was in a critical state, I had to galvanize a team and ask them to trust not only in my ability to lead them, but in each other to move the college out of the negative state it had been in for so long.”

It worked. In March, the college received a “great bill of health,” she said.

“We’re changing the way we do business, and we’re changing culture too, which is not easy.”