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Jeff Carroll

Jeff Carroll

Jeff Carroll

Vice President
DETAILS, a Humanim Social Enterprise

DETAILS deconstruction, a Humanim social enterprise, was launched in 2012 and brought job training and jobs to Baltimore neighborhoods in need of economic development.

DETAILS won Baltimore’s first competitive bid for a deconstruction pilot project to remove blighted blocks in the city.

Jeff Carroll, vice president of DETAILS, said the initiative began three years ago with a few employees and now employs 40 people.

He said the business model has proven effective by taking blighted, vacant properties and finding value in them while offering job development.

“You see there really is value there. The brick and the wood have value,” Carroll said. “If you extract it, we can turn that market value into jobs.”

Carroll said DETAILS plans to compete for more city jobs and also encourage its employees to take what they have learned on the job and start their own successful businesses.

“The real innovation in all of this has been the joint partnership between leadership here and working with leadership in Baltimore,” Carroll said. “The utilization of deconstruction on large-scale public blight removal is unprecedented. This is really great innovation that will have lasting change.”