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Marcus Bullock

Marcus Bullock

Marcus Bullock

CEO & Founder

When Marcus Bullock was 15 years old, he was sentenced to 22 years to life in an adult prison for a carjacking in Virginia.

He served eight years and returned home in 2004.

“While I was there, I knew I wanted to do something different with my life,” Bullock said.

He began working at a paint store and later started his first business, a painting company that recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

However, through all of his success, Bullock said he never forgot about all of the guys in prison.

In 2012, he launched Flikshop, a mobile application that allows its users to create personalized postcards that are sent directly to prison inmates in an effort to keep families connected nationwide.

Currently, the service has about 70,000 active users.

The postcards, which cost 99 cents each, arrive to prisons in three to five business days.

“I built this thing to be able to keep families connected,” Bullock said.

Flikshop has grown to include the Flikshop School of Business, which contracts with local juvenile facilities and county jails to offer three-week courses focused on work force development and entrepreneurship.