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Renee Foose, Ed.D.

Mike Geppi

Mike Geppi

Chairman & CEO
Integrata Security

Integrata Security, based in Columbia, has created the world’s most effective Wireless Intrusion and Detection system available in today’s market, according to the company’s chairman and CEO, Mike Geppi.

The innovation provides the highest level of threat detection for financial services, government and energy markets.

The underlying technology was licensed exclusively from the U.S. Department of Defense, and Geppi, a former banker, recently received the prestigious Federal Laboratory Consortium Tech Transfer award.

While working as a banker, Geppi said he was curious why the bank did not use wireless networking technology. He later learned that security issues prevented the bank from adopting the technology.

“I saw a major market opportunity and felt that it was possible and necessary to make wireless technology much safer,” he said.

Now, the firm plans to expand its innovation to many types of wireless communication.