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Tim Harwood

Tim Harwood

Tim Harwood

President & CEO
Decisive Communications

Decisive Communications, a turn-key solution based organization that provides a full suite of services in the telecommunications industry, has developed four mobile applications that have in just months led to reduced service times, better customer communication and improved efficiency and accuracy in the field.

Among them is Decisive Drop App, an automated entry system for underground drop tickets that uses GPS-location services to ensure accuracy, proactively notifies customers of their job status and eliminates back office intervention. Since its deployment, The Decisive Drop App has cut service times in half for multi-system operator (MSO) clients, including Comcast.

Using GPS technology, the company’s president and CEO, Tim Harwood, says they were able to collect data on where the lines were placed and reduce installation time from 10 to 12 days to as few as five.

Rick Sander, the company’s CFO, said the application is available on iOS and Android smart devices.

“What we’ve done is keep the customer informed and knock down the amount of time it takes to do the job,” Harwood said.