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Wes Moore

Wes Moore

Wes Moore

CEO & Founder

Six percent of Baltimore city’s high-school graduates will earn a four-year college degree within six years. And 34 percent of students who start college each year will not finish.

“We don’t even have a college freshmen year challenge,” said Wes Moore. “We’re losing them in the first month of them starting college.”

In 2014, Moore launched BridgeEdu, which addresses the college completion crisis by reinventing the freshman year.

“BridgeEdu takes a holistic view of how the process of higher education is administered,” said Moore, the organization’s CEO. “Our program incorporates service learning, experiential training, co-curricular activities, tutoring and coaching alongside academic supports.”

Moore, a bestselling author, said the three main reasons that students do not complete college are: financial, academic and social barriers.

BridgeEdu works with higher education partners to support students with the tools they need to succeed. That includes working with financial aid experts, technologists, academics and mentors.

The organization started with one college partners and now has four. It launched with 18 students and is on track to serve well over 100 this year.

“The goal,” Moore said. “Is not just that they graduate, but that they graduate on time.”