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What’s in your purse?

In each issue of Path to Excellence, we’ll ask a successful woman, “What’s in your purse?”

This month, Tammy S.J. Schneider, principal and director of the women in business practice at Glass Jacobson, offered The Daily Record and Path to Excellence readers the chance to see what was inside her purse.

Schneider, a Top 100 Woman, said that, like many women, even the purse itself is significant.

The navy blue Dooney & Bourke was a Christmas give from her sister, Shelly Edwards.

“She knew I was unlikely to spending that much money on something for myself,” she said.  “If I’m going to buy something that extravagant, it’s usually for my kids or my husband.”

Like many working mothers, Schneider pointed out that her purse mixes her professional and personal life. And, with two boys it’s a lot of what-if items, such as bandages and flashlights.

“I’m always prepared,” she said. “With boys, you never know.”

We also asked Schneider whose purse she would like to see inside. She said, Wendy Merrill, of Strategy Horse Consulting Group.

“She’s another successful woman who also is a parent,” Schneider said. “I assume I’m not the only one so prepared for craziness.”

Merrill — and her purse — will be featured in this space in November’s issue of Path to Excellence.

Next month, Gayle V. Economos and her purse will be featured. Economos is the owner of GVE Media/Public Relations, LLC and a Top 100 Women Circle of Excellence honoree.


  1. Ober | Kaler  notebook and pen
  2. Mustangs raffle ticket. “It’s the football team my boys play for. I’m selling them for the team.”
  3. Friendship Baptist Church pamphlet from the church service the day before the photoshoot.
  4. iPhone charger. “A necessity.”
  5. Blue umbrella. “I try to be prepared.”
  6. Wallet. “Our family took a vacation to Nashville last year, and I needed a wallet. It served as a functional souvenir.”
  7. Juicy glasses case.
  8. Strategy Horse Consulting Group notebook. “I can jot down ideas as they come to me.”
  9. Kohl’s and Staples coupons. “I had coupons in my purse to take my kids back to school shopping. I’m an accountant. Come on. I’m likely to use a coupon if I can.”
  10. iPhone. Wallpaper photo shows her two sons: Andy, 10, and Zach, 12. “We just got back from a road trip to eight NFL cities. They are big NFL fans.”
  11.  MECU Band-Aids. “Again, boys, prepared.”
  12. The Daily Record pen from the Top 100 Women event in June
  13. The Daily Record Post-it notes, also from the gift bags at Top 100 Women.
  14. Flashlight. “With boys you never know.”
  15. Thumb drive. “I usually carry at least one or two thumb drives. When I’m out with clients, you never know when I’ll need to bring some information back.”
  16. Business cards. “Always.”
  17. Lottery ticket. “My mom gave me a scratch off for my birthday in May. I won $15, but I haven’t had a chance to go collect.”
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