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Detailed order governs patent infringement trial

A patent infringement lawsuit against Hyundai, Toyota and Kia went to a federal jury in Baltimore on Wednesday in a case where everything from time allotted for arguments to who pays for the jurors’ lunches was detailed in court orders.

Paice LLC, a Baltimore-based company co-owned by The Abell Foundation that develops hybrid electric technology, sued in 2012 accusing the automakers of using patented technology in their cars without licensing, according to the complaint. Wednesday was the eighth day of trial.

Judge Marvin J. Garbis’ procedural order the week before trial stated the proceedings would be timed, with each side granted 15 hours total. The order also specified which topics were “off limits” based on prior rulings on evidence.

On Sept. 22, the second day of trial, the parties submitted a joint stipulation about lunch for the jury, agreeing to split the costs of lunches evenly. Garbis also signed an order Monday to reimburse his law clerk for Uber rides to and from court for one juror on two trial days. (No word on which side will bear that cost.)

Prior to jury selection, the parties even debated whether Paice could continue to have sections of its website devoted to the litigation it was involved in, according to electronic court records. The defendants sought a redaction but Paice voluntarily agreed to disable objectional parts of the website prior to jury selection.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Paice’s entire website was unavailable, although it provides a handy update on the trial.

Separately, Paice has a similar patent infringement lawsuit pending against The Ford Motor Company.

The case is Paice LLC et al. v. Hyundai Motor Company et al., 1:12-cv-00499-MJG.