ISO: Work-life balance recipes

I’m joining quite a distinguished set of attorneys who also blog for Generation J.D. That’s right, fellow bloggers, I totally sleuthed around, read your articles and will probably show up eventually on your on LinkedIn and Twitter walls. You are part of the draw of this exercise for me. Writing is fun and most of us write a lot for a living, but meeting people who enjoy news, who like writing, who feel a compulsion to reach out and give back is one of my favorite hobbies.

Like most, I’m swamped. My days begin before 6 a.m. and, as I’m writing this, it’s after midnight. In the span of the day, I’ve prepared at least two (wholesome?) meals, usually three, cleaned up before and after a sweet and sassy one-year-old baby girl and a 5-(he would tell you 5 and ¾)-year-old kindergartener, billed on average of 8-10 hours, fired off at least two dozen emails, managed some interns, strategized with a paralegal and responded at the drop of a hat to any number of demands from my bosses.

Amazingly, though, there is still time in the day to pause and reflect, to listen to someone tell a story, to call my parents, to watch a Ravens game. There’s prioritizing and there’s just doing it.

I’m hopeful that having the discipline to write this blog will help me engage with other readers of The Daily Record who will inevitably help me enjoy my profession even more.

When I was a line cook in my previous life, I couldn’t wait to be on the other side of the pass, eating the food, enjoying the conversation, being away from the heat. Turns out, being a lawyer in private practice, with a husband and two kids, lots of philanthropic interests and obligations, and some interest in occasionally getting away on vacation is not unlike those early mornings tending the tandoori oven and making hollandaise for brunch (the worst task ever, by the way — try keeping a hollandaise from separating during a four-hour brunch).

It’s all relative, but the highs and lows of being a lawyer are unique, so let’s work through them together.

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  1. Great to see you on here, Talley!