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More plaintiffs in suit against Baltimore housing authority

A Baltimore woman was left without heat for two years because a maintenance man refused to fix her pipes unless she had sex with him, according to an amendment to a lawsuit against the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

Attorneys representing 11 women who say they were denied basic and necessary repairs in public housing units in Baltimore because they wouldn’t have sex with handymen there filed an amendment to the suit on Tuesday, adding four new plaintiffs to the case.

The amendment alleges one victim was forced to sleep next to the oven because the handyman wouldn’t fix her heat without sexual favors in return. The victim, an administrative assistant to HABC’s deputy executive director, claims she told her boss; an auditor sent to investigate her complaint then told her he could “not guarantee her safety” if she moved forward with it.

The plaintiffs are represented by Baltimore solo practitioner Cary J. Hansel.