When eating is a game of inches

Finally, I no longer need to bring my ruler when I go to Subway.

Ever since I heard reports that the sub shop might be coming up short with its roll sizes, I’ve been closely inspecting my six-inch grilled chicken and foot-long sweet onion chicken teriyaki subs. (Sometimes I go pickles, sometimes I go banana peppers but that’s neither here nor there.)

But on Tuesday, a federal judge approved a preliminary settlement of several class-action lawsuits brought against Subway over the length of its subs. The class includes anyone who bought a sandwich at one of Subway’s U.S. locations since 2003, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. There are 27,000 Subway locations in the country, and court records only estimate the class size as “tens of millions,” according to the Journal-Sentinel.

Alas, you and I are not getting any money from this settlement — the class representatives are each getting up to $1,000 while everyone else gets “assurance that Subway now pays more attention to the dimensions of its subs,” according to the Journal-Sentinel.

The final payout, including attorneys’ fees and costs, will not exceed $525,000 — or 105,000 $5 footlongs, if you prefer.