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Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes. (File)

Councilman Carl Stokes versus the bus

BaltimoreLink, the revamped bus transit system rolled out Thursday by Gov. Larry Hogan, bills itself as a system that will take you where you want to go.

Except if you’re City Councilman Carl Stokes and where you want to go is some place where bus doors aren’t closing around your neck.

Before the story goes any further, it should be noted that Stokes avoided reaching his final destination and with the exception of some discomfort and potential embarrassment is otherwise OK.

The city councilman was on a bus of VIPs, including Gov. Larry Hogan, state Sen. Catherine Pugh, City Council President Jack Young and others. Stokes, who was one of the last to exit the bus, found the doors closing on him. At one point, the doors closed on his neck leaving his head outside the bus and the rest of his body inside as he briefly struggled to pull the doors open.

“I thought maybe Cathy Pugh or Sheila (Dixon) was trying to eliminate me,” quipped Stokes.

Stokes, Dixon and Pugh are all candidates for mayor next year.

But there was no hit out on the councilman. Instead, Stokes and the driver of the bus and other state officials learned the hard way that the doors on the bus close when you turn off the ignition.

For the record, Stokes said that despite the dicey exit he’s still in favor of Hogan’s transit plan.