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Took the July bar exam? Your unofficial results have been posted

Happy Friday, and congratulations to the 827 individuals who (unofficially) passed July’s Maryland bar exam!

The Maryland State Board of Law Examiners posted the unofficial pass-or-fail results for the exam on Friday afternoon. You can find them here, listed by seat number.

After test-takers have been notified of their results, the Board of Law Examiners will make public the list of those who passed, and their names will be printed in The Daily Record.

Of the 1,316 seat numbers listed, 827 (almost 63 percent) are marked “pass.” That’s compared to 72 percent who passed the exam last year — but Maryland’s not the only state that’s seen a drop in successful candidates for the Bar this year.

Check The Daily Record next week for a deeper dive on the data, as well as a look at how graduates of the two local law schools fared during the July exam.


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  1. How soon are test-takers typically notified of their results and the list subsequently made public?