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Baltimore spending panel to consider $110K in police settlements

Baltimore spending panel to consider $110K in police settlements

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Baltimore’s spending board is scheduled Wednesday to consider two settlements totaling $110,000 for alleged police misconduct, including an incident where a juvenile was hit in the face after he failed to stop and comply with officers’ orders.

Keondre Boykins was a minor when he was stopped by two Baltimore Police Department officers on Dec. 21, 2013 while walking on Litchfield Avenie, according to a Board of Estimates memorandum about the settlement.

The officers shined a flashlight on Boykins and instructed him stop; Boykins refused, yelling at the officers not to shine the light in his face, according to the memo. One of the officers told Boykins to stop and sit on the ground, leading to an altercation, according to the memo.

Boykins struck one of the officers and was allegedly hit in the mouth during the incident, according to the memo. Boykins was taken to the hospital for treatment and the officer was treated at the scene.

The settlement is for $75,000. Boykins is represented by Isaac Klein, a Baltimore solo practitioner.

The second settlement stems from an October 2013 incident when officers used a Taser following a traffic stop. Officers stopped the vehicle on suspicion the co-owner could have an outstanding warrant, according to a memo about the settlement.

The driver provided her license and registration but the passenger, Tavon Sherman, yelled obscenities at the officers and refused to provide identification when asked, according to the memo.

Sherman refused to get out of the vehicle and the officers called for additional units and escorted the driver from the car, causing Sherman to get out and order them not to touch her, according to the memo.

An officer ordered Sherman to sit on the curb and threatened to use a Taser if Sherman did not comply, according to the memo. Sherman complied but was Tased when he continued to flail, according to the memo. Sherman was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

The settlement is for $35,000. Sherman is represented by Myron T. Brown of Mobley & Brown LLP in Baltimore.

The cases are Keondre L. Boykins v. Officer Ian Smith et al., 24C144005168, and Tavon Sherman v. Officer Steven L. Dorn et al., 24C14005351.

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