O’Malley raps, asks for cash

Former Maryland Governor and current Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley has been known to sing for his supper on occasion but he’s expanding his musical repertoire and asking for spare change.

O’Malley appeared in a comedic “Off The Record” interview in which the hosts greeted the candidate with a deep hug and a kiss (O’Malley noted it was the first time anyone kissed him before an interview) and gave him a seat next to one of his campaign signs that was hung upside down.

Co-host Xavier Rotnofsky, who smooched the candidate, began the interview noting he found O’Malley handsome.

“I’d like you to be attracted to my campaign for my ideas and my progressive accomplishments,” O’Malley deadpans.

“But also for those eyes,” Rotnofsky said.

The four-minute interview, in which O’Malley appears to be a willing participant, includes a variety of unusual facial expressions, the former governor agreeing to do a rap based on lyrics written by the hosts.

“If you look at the polls you might get the impression, that president of the United States may not be next profession,” said O’Malley, reading from the lyrics he was handed. “Just FYI bro, you’re so dang wrong, soon my polls will be higher than Cheech and Chong.”

Highlights include:

  • O’Malley said he would rather have Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, a former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, operate on his brain than television host Dr. Oz or Dr. Seuss (who was not actually a doctor and has been dead since 1991).
  • When asked if he had any scandals he’d like to confess, O’Malley said he had “nothing to admit to.”
  • If elected, he would prefer the Secret Service code name “Eagle” over “Irish Stallion,” which was proposed by Rotnofsky.
  • He would not repeal Obamacare, even if humans never got sick or died.

The interview ends with Rotnofsky making a campaign contribution in the form of $10 in pennies in a paper bag. The video also contains a website address that at first pass appears to be a goof — martinomalley.com/givemeyourmoneypleasepleaseplease  — but in fact links to O’Malley’s campaign site where one can donate if one were so inclined.

Donations have been hard to come by for O’Malley. Last month the Washington Post reported O’Malley was seeking public financing, moving his Baltimore staff to Iowa and was “perilously close to financial collapse.”

O’Malley’s interview ends abruptly when the hosts announce: “We gotta head out, we’re going to Arby’s” and they walk off camera.

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